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10 Simple Ways to Be More Mindful In Your Daily Life

Mindfulness practice has many benefits for reducing stress or increasing overall well-being. You may have read my other blog posts describing mindfulness and why it is beneficial, and maybe you’re wondering how you can implement this practice. For those of you who say you don't have time to meditate, the good news is that you don't necessarily have to sit in formal meditation for twenty minutes a day to gain some benefits of mindfulness. Here’s a practical list of ten ways to be more mindful in your daily life:

  1. Tell Yourself What is Happening Right Now. As cheesy as it sounds, my favorite mindfulness practice (and the favorite of many of my clients) is to dictate to yourself what you are doing as you are doing it. Literally tell yourself in your mind the actions you are taking as you do them. When doing the dishes, this may look something like “I am picking up the plate, running it under the hot water. I can feel the plate in my hand, the warm water over my hands. I am grabbing the soap, I can see the bubbles f