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Services Provided:

Individual Therapy:  

Where it all began.  Dr. Boyd has over 12 years of experience conducting individual therapy.  Throughout her career, she has treated a wide variety of concerns, with a specialty in anxiety.  The service of individual therapy follows a model of treating a clinical issue, such as an anxiety disorder. The course and length of individual therapy varies widely based on individual need.  

Mindfulness Training:

Throughout her practice in individual therapy and staying current in research on cutting-edge interventions, Dr. Boyd has developed an expertise in mindfulness.  Used often in the treatment of clinical disorders, mindfulness practice is also a skill that is beneficial for anyone.  Dr. Boyd has an interest in spreading the practice of mindfulness to all, regardless of the presences of a clinical issue.  Recently, she began offering the service of mindfulness coaching, which involves a short-term (typically three sessions) of mindfulness training.  This service is psychoeducational, meaning it has more of a teaching of a class feel than individual therapy.  In these sessions, Dr. Boyd works with you by teaching the tool of mindfulness practice for improved performance, stress management, or overall wellness rather than diving deep into your past or providing treatment of any clinical concerns.  

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